Computational Thinking: Right To Play

Right To Play - Computational Thinking

Right To Play, Bot Camp and Microsoft have collaborated in the creation of a Computational Thinking manual for educators. Computational Thinking is a critical set of problem solving and synthesis skills that are key indicators for success in numerous fields, including Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

Right To Play led the creation of this manual, and engaged a number of organizations who deeply integrate Computational Thinking into their programs already. Robotics programs are an excellent way to implement these practices, and Bot Camp was proud to host Right To Play and Microsoft in demonstrating our program. Through this manual, our hope is some of our most valuable practices can be shared with the broader community.

Bot Camp is proud to join Right To Play and Microsoft in this endeavour, and to share our experiences on implementing an important educational practice into our programs and activities.

An excerpt of of the manual can be found here.