OurKids Annual Camp Guide

Bot Camp is proud to be featured in OurKids’ annual camp guide. OurKids is a trusted source of information for camps and programs for children. Established in 1988, it has been a leading source for parents looking for best-in-class programs for their children. You can find information on Bot Camp in the Educational Camps section of their guide. In addition, OurKids has provided an independent review of our programs:

At Bot Camp they’ll work with peers who share their passions and aptitude for STEM. They’ll also enter an environment of champions; all of the instructors are award-winning, competitive robotics athletes. And they think of it in that way—it’s a sport, and they approach it as you would any sport, with drive, passion, and a thirst for challenge.

More infomation can be found directly on the OurKids website: