No Fields? No Problem!

Those aren’t even available yet! How’d you get it?

The new 2019-2020 VEX IQ game “Squared Away” was released yesterday, and one of the biggest challenges is getting the new game field. The game field parts usually aren’t available at launch, and this year additional shipping issues have caused further delays.

Thankfully, Bot Camp had a simple solution to the problem:

Build the new field using the parts we already have in the lab!

We are fortunate to have one of the best-stocked VEX IQ facilities we know of. In addition, we want to thank Mr. Lam and Mr. Laughton for re-engineering the field to use existing parts. They meticulously recreated the field, faithfully recreating all the critical dimensions despite lacking the real game field pieces.

We wanted to have a full field available for the very first meeting of our elite competitive VEX IQ teams. It didn’t matter that the parts were out of stock, we were going to do it…

Within 2 hours of the game being released, our facility had a complete and dimensionally faithful “Squared Away” field, 100% ready for students and mentors to use.

That’s what makes Bot Camp the ultimate robotics experience!