School Closures/Strikes – Robotics Day Camps

School Closures Strikes

As you likely know, there is a looming possibility of school closures/strikes due to an on-going labour dispute at our publicly funded schools.

As a former teacher, I am hopeful for a quick resolution, but am also aware of the significant challenges that school staff, students and parents must navigate. Challenges made especially difficult given the current state of our school systems.

At Bot Camp, we are committed to doing all we can to help our students – as we always have. Should a school closure occur, Mr. Lam and myself will extend the hours of the lab to provide Robotics Day Camps during the closure.

The camps will be similar to our summer camps. However, due to the last-minute nature of these camps, capacity is limited to 8 students as only Mr. Lam and myself will be present.

Registration is now open, as we wait for news on a labour action:

School closures/strikes are never an ideal situation, but we hope it can be resolved as quickly as possible. Our interests should always be in providing the best eduational experience for our students, and whether schools are open or closed on Monday, Bot Camp will always be committed to doing exactly that.

-Mr. Lim