“What a thrilling experience it was. I enjoyed discussing with my mentor about building options and game strategies as we were preparing for the challenges. The staff that organized the camp were teachers and mentors from some of the greatest Robotics teams in Toronto. Looking back at my summer, I will say that this camp was the highlight of my vacation.”

Andrew / Student

“This is the way school should be. Fun!!! I like the program because it is fun to build robots and have contests and play Ultimate Frisbee. I also like how all the instructors had fun and were all friendly. Thank you for the great week.”

Nathan / Student


Robotics Camps

“Just a quick note to say thank you so much to the Bot Camp team for providing such a great program for my 10 year old son.His week at Bot Camp was the most fun that he has had in a long time, and we have tried a lot of different summer camps around the city. From the minute I picked him up until we got home he couldn’t stop talking about everything he had done at camp that day and what he was looking forward to doing the next day. The week flew by because he was so engaged in the program, had made some friends, liked the staff and felt like a valuable team member. I know without a doubt that he will want to return next summer and I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to join him as well. Keep up the great work!”

Cindy / Parent

“In the words of my 10-year-old son: ‘It was so cool! I got to build robots that could play soccer and stack blocks, and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my lifetime! I made lots of new friends AND I also had fun playing Ultimate Frisbee. The leaders were lots of fun, too.’ As a parent, I was glad to be able to offer my son the Bot Camp experience. Thanks, Bot Camp leaders, for your passion, dedication, and care.”

Cheryl / Parent