Robotics Workshops

Bot Camp offers after-school and weekend workshops for students ages 10 and up covering a variety robotics concepts, skills, mechanisms and skill levels. Each 100-minute workshop features instruction, robot building, programming, and a challenge activity.

Ultra-Flex Scheduling

Select a weekly time slot that fits your busy schedule and start at any time. Try just 1 workshop, or buy 5 or 15 (full curriculum) and save. Need a custom schedule? Pick your own combination of workshops from our schedule and contact us. We’ll be happy to build your custom schedule.

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Robotics Challenge

Developed by World-Class Competitive Roboticists

Bot Camp workshops were developed by 2013 FIRST Robotics Competition World Champion Shawn Lim, and World-Class VEX IQ Mentor Tony Lam. Our workshops are a culmination of decades of build seasons, tournaments and awards in the FIRST and VEX robotics programs. If you are looking for real hands-on experiences to prepare you for a future in robotics, Bot Camp’s are hands-down the best.


Bot Camp offers 15 workshops in our robotics curriculum. Students can start with any workshop, regardless of their level of experience or skill. In each workshop, students will be given a series of challenges appropriate for their level. Beginners will find the first few challenges appropriate for them, and experts will be able to complete a greater number of challenges. Workshops can be taken in any order, at your convenience.

B.Bot Certification

Graduate from Bot Camp by completing all 15 workshops and receive our B.Bot certification! Having a B.Bot certification is a great way to demonstrate your background in robotics. Completed all our workshops? Ready to apply for your B.Bot certification? Contact us today!

Workshop Topics


Mechanisms 1

Mechanisms 2



Competition Drivetrain

Competition Drive

Workshops Gear Ratios

Gear Ratios

Workshops 4 Bar Claws


Workshops Bumper Sensor



Workshops H-Drive


Workshops Elastic Claws


Workshops 6 Bar Claws


Workshops Colour Sensor


Workshops Sort It Out

Sort It Out

Workshops X Drive



Workshops Double Reverse 4 Bar

Double 4 Bar

Workshops Gyro Sensor



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