Add Robotics To Your Classroom Or Organization

Are you looking for a robotics experience to add to your classroom or organization? Bot Camp provides 80-minute robotics workshops and supply all equipment, curriculum, and instructors. Schools and organizations need only provide a classroom and supervising adult. Students work in groups of 3 to design, build and test a robot to compete in a robo-sports tournament. The workshop can be curriculum linked to grades 5-8, with optional assessments for teachers to use following the workshop. Workshops can also be tailored for adults, providing a unique team-building experience for any organization. Up to 4 workshops per day, maximum 24 students per class

Promote STEM To Your Students

Bot Camp workshops offer students a unique experience to enhance their creativity, learning skills, teamwork and personal skills. Workshops are designed to introduce and engage students to STEM education in a fun and interactive way that is also linked to curriculum. Students learn more effectively when they are having fun, and Bot Camp provides a great way to nurture a love of learning. You supply the classroom and one supervisory teacher, and we’ll do the rest.

Workshop Details

Bot Camp workshops include:

  • 80 Minute instructional, build and competition session
  • Instruction for up to 24 students per session
  • All robotic parts, kits, fields, computers and equipment
  • 2 Exceptional and experienced Robotics Instructors
  • A Robo-Sports tournament for all students

 Ontario Grade 5-8 curriculum links include:

  • Structures and Mechanisms
  • Forces
  • Form and Function
  • Systems in Action
  • Investigation Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • and more…

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